Guidance in the procedure for the recognition of titles under the General Directive 89/48/EEC.
CNI’s International Affairs Department will supply whatever kind of explanations to Engineers willing to establish in Italy as concerns the documentation to submit to the Ministero della Giustizia.

CNI will guide, if necessary, foreign Engineers to enrol in the Professional Ordine, once they have their titles recognized.

Should CLAIU-EU’s Engineers need information on their work, for instance relevant to services supply, they may as well address the CNI’s International Affairs Department.

CNI will place at CLAIU-EU’s Engineers disposal, who will ask for, a part of its data bank on Internet. Apart from the searches and the management of the Data Bank itself, which is strictly devoted to internal use and to the Ordini Councils, the CLAIU-EU’s professionals visiting the site will find useful information on, for example, professional events and seminars, open competitions for Engineers, the latest numbers of the magazine “L’Ingegnere Italiano”, and, through the CNI’s site, they will be able to enter the open sites of the Provincial Ordini degli Ingegneri having one. In the Ordini sites, all initiatives and services supplied, which can differ from town to town, are generally listed. We recall that only CLAIU-EU’s Engineers who, after the recognition procedures are enrolled in the Ordine, can use the services and the facilities of the Ordine.

The Consiglio Nazionale Degli Ingegneri is also planning a series of services in favour, above all, of the Italian Engineers who are looking for a job (gathering and dissemination of curricula, information net on professional issues… etc). These services are still under implementation and will not be ready very shortly. We will study the best way to have the CLAIU-EU’s Engineers use them.


(information document on the professional organization in Italy)
The Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri (CNI) is an association set up by public law to oversee the organisation of the engineering sector at the national level. It operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministero di Grazia e Giustizia (Ministry of Justice). Its headquarters are in Rome.

Basiscally, the Engineering profession is regulated by a set of law established to safeguard the Engineering title, profession and standards.
These laws set up the Engineers professional organisation, whose main structures consist of the professional Ordini existing in each of Italy’s 103 provinces.
Professional Engineers shall enrol in the Albo maintained by the Ordine Provinciale (set up in accordance with art.1 of the Law 897 of 25 April 1938) in order to practise. To graduate at an Engineering University and to get through the State Exam are compulsory conditions for the enrolment.